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Our Story

Back in 2000, Rodolfo Folino purchased 54 acres in rural Kutztown on Rt. 78 with hopes of developing the land for homes under his construction company Folino & Sons Construction. After 7 years of spending money and time on a project that clearly was not going to happen due to township and environmental regulations, his only hope was to try and resell the land as farm in order to recoup a portion of the money he had spent. One evening, Rodolfo’s son Marco and his wife Andrea were relaxing and reading when they came across a story of a husband and wife who opened their own winery. They talked about what a fun and exciting venture that would be when a light bulb went off in their heads.

Marco & Andrea Folino with their three sons Lorenzo, Luca & Teodoro

In loving memory of Marco’s father, Rodolfo Valentino Folino.

A Dream Come True

The Folino family has a combined 40 years of experience in the restaurant industry, with it all beginning in the early 80s when Rodolfo opened Valentino’s in Kutztown after he and his wife Lidia immigrated here from their hometown in Calabria, Italy pictured above. Lidia’s father also had a vineyard in Italy in his early years of life. To bring these two elements of the family history together made perfect sense. They knew opening Folino Estate Vineyard, Winery & Restaurant in Kutztown, where their father originally made his American dream come true, was the perfect way to continue the Folino family legacy.

Belcastro, the town in Andali where Marco’s father was born

Marco’s mother and father, Lidia and Rodolfo Folino in Italy

Marco’s mother and father, Lidia and Rodolfo Folino in Italy

Meet the Family

When we opened Folino Estate Winery, our mission was to make great wine; great wine that not only drinks well alone, but also presents a deepened complexity when accompanied with food. When wine and food are paired well together, it creates a memorable experience like none other. Folino Estate wines are meant to enjoy at your table, gathered around good company.

“Questo bicchiere di vino e bianco rosso e fino e viene da lontana via brindisi faccio. A questa nobile compagnia!”

This glass of wine is white, red and fine and it comes from far away. I cheer to this noble company.” – Nonna Folino

A Folino tradition…family dinner!

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the place our guests can leave their cares at the door and return again and again to make memories to last a lifetime.