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The name Folino has become synonymous with hospitality. From the humble beginnings of a small town pizza shop to now a world class winery and more, we are no stranger to this industry. We know how to make strangers feel like family and we only plan on spreading our love of this industry further by growing to a world renowned hospitality portfolio of brands. 

With Folino Capital, we’re not just an average capital company. We develop-build, acquire and manage hospitality properties with a focus on both near-term income generation and long-term value creation for our investors. Marco & Andrea Folino founded Folino Capital to provide new & seasoned investors an opportunity to not only make money on your investments, but to have a hand in growing a hospitality brand from a small company to a national brand from the beginnings. 

Much like our founders, we are continually reinventing ourselves. At Folino Capital, we value and prioritize relationships above all else and are in constant pursuit of strategic, residual and meaningful business relationships with investors who share our buy-and-hold mentality.  We consistently strive to ascertain unique projects and investors that align with our vision, culture and core values. 

Our mission is to deliver exceptional returns and build legacy wealth for our investor partners through hospitality industry investing. By leveraging our team’s development, construction expertise and our investors’ capital, we offer a more thorough and efficient process for investing in the industry that generates sizeable returns.