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Folino Family Club Dinner Fall 2023

For our Folino Family Club dinners, I always pull inspiration from the season, this Fall being the sunflowers from our field in the vineyard and how a sunflower represents positivity and strength, as the sunflower always follows the sun.
I loved the idea of creating a menu that featured touches of the sunflower as an ingredient. The sunflower butter cannoli was a favorite! I also picked figs from Marco’s mother’s fig tree to feature in our Fig & Burrata Crostini with sunflower honey drizzle. 

We had the pleasure of hosting Folino Family Club Dinner on the Vineyard Terrace for a truly magical evening celebrating the Fall. As the sun dipped below the horizon, it cast a warm, golden glow over the vineyard and fields of sunflowers.

The tablescape was in full bloom as I took inspiration from the stunning sunflowers that had blossomed that season in front of the vineyard. The entire event paid homage to these vibrant symbols of happiness and a fulfilling life. The table decorations and the menu were nothing short of enchanting, setting the perfect tone for our special gathering.

The Folino Family Club is all about bringing people together to share meaningful moments, and the patio terrace overlooking the sunflower fields and vineyard provided a breathtaking backdrop.

Fresh figs picked from Marco’s Mother’s Garden

As the evening unfolded, we kicked things off with the first library wine, a delightful 2017 Valentino, enjoyed right in the middle of the sunflower field. With the sun setting gracefully, we indulged in a sumptuous dinner, surrounded by unique plein air paintings that added an artistic touch to the already charming atmosphere. Laughter filled the air as we savored delicious food and soaked in the natural beauty—an authentic celebration of the harvest season and the joy of being together.

But the real treat was our exclusive access to the first Plein Air Pop-Up Gallery, featuring the talents of local artists Russ Slocum and Karen Weber. Having spent two weeks at the Estate creating and preparing, their twelve remarkable pieces adorned the gallery walls. Russ and Karen were there, eager to share their passion for art and the hidden gems around the Estate that had inspired their work. It was a captivating and enriching experience that added even more charm to an already unforgettable evening.