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reserve By phone

Prefer to make your reservation via phone? You can make a reservations by calling (484) 452-3633.
Please keep in mind that we are closed on Mondays & Tuesdays. 

Special Events & Private Parties

Catering and Events are opportunities for us to work more closely with our guests, occasions for us to share our dedication to celebration in exciting new ways.

Click here to learn more about special events and private parties.


The Restaurant

Stopping by on a weekend? Ask about our specials menu! We also have a full bar menu, including wine infused cocktails and a rotating selection of craft beer. Plus, join us for Happy Hour specials every Wednesday & Thursday from 5 pm to 7 pm. Cheers!

Going to enjoy a Wine Tasting Experience before dinner? Be sure to arrive 30 minutes prior to your reservation. 

We are unable to accept reservations for our outdoor patio. It is a first come, first served.
An 18% service charge will be applied to parties of 8 or more. We respectfully decline splitting checks for large parties.

main dining Room

From the music playing and the woodfire pizza burning, to the décor and delicious smells of an Italian kitchen, the Main Dining Room is the heart and soul of Folino Estate. Enjoy a relaxing lunch, romantic dinner, or Sunday Funday brunch!  Time here is always well spent.  

The Piazza

Modeled after a traditional Italian Piazza, Piazza Folino's fountain and open-air feel create the perfect environment to share an antipasti board or relax with a bottle of wine. 


Outdoor patio

The outdoor patio is the quintessential backdrop for a perfect meal outdoors.  Just imagine drinking a nice cool glass of white wine paired with a mouth-watering pasta dish, watching the sun set over a gorgeous vineyard. It just as perfect as it sounds.