4 Simple Steps for Hosting Your Own Wine & Cheese Pairing

  1. Choose a variety of cheeses that vary in texture and flavor. Soft cheeses like brie, hard cheeses like aged cheddar, and all cheeses in between offer a different tasting experience.  It is also the perfect way to ensure that each of your guests will have something they enjoy.  To spice it up a little,  grab a cheese out of your comfort zone like a stinky blue cheese, spicy pepper jack, or an earthy camembert. 
  2. Pick wines that pair well with your cheese selection.  The flavors in cheese will enhance the flavors in wine and make the tasting that much more enjoyable.  For information about how to pair cheese and wine speak with a wine educator who is well versed in flavor profiles.  Here are our favorite 5 pairings for a quick reference...
Wine & cheese - just cheese.jpg


Merlot- Aged Cheddar
Cabernet Sauvignon- Gouda
Rose- Goat Cheese
Chardonnay- Gruyere
Pinot Grigio- Mozzarella 

3. While wine and cheese are enough to get the party started, you will need other light bites to intensify the tasting experience.  We suggest grabbing two types of bread, crostini, fresh fruit, nuts, olives, and cured meats.  Different varieties of each will ensure all of your guests have something to enjoy.   

4. The final step... Bringing it all together.  Label your cheese and wine, design your meat and cheese boards, pop the corks, and welcome your guest to a night that is sure to be full of fun, laughter, great company, and of course, delicious food and wine. 


Things to keep in mind when planning... you will need about 1/2 oz of cheese per person per cheese.  The average bottle of wine will pour between 4-5 glasses.  Make sure you have enough!  Everyone will want a full sample of each wine, and extras for their favorite.