The Black Label Collection features handcrafted wines representing the age-old Italian style traditions and skills of passionate winemaking. Artfully oaked in French barrels, each wine is an exclusive, limited release and will age perfectly for the oenophile’s collection. The higher tannins present allow each variety to pair well with rich dark meats & game, earthy foods and herbaceous cheeses. Decanting is recommended to bring out the characters hidden in every bottle.


Valentino: A unique Chianti style blend of Teroldego, Barbera and Cabernet Sauvignon, this wine is named after the founder’s father, Rodolfo Valentino Folino. Rich in traditional Italian style, this wine has evolved characters and vibrant personality boasting spiciness, earthiness, warmth and hue with essences of plum, fig, and dark berry.


Generations old and known as the grape at the heart of Italy, Sangiovese is a slow ripening variety allowing the resulting wine to be richer and stronger in character. French oak ageing has coaxed the aromatic flavors of black stone fruits and dark berries. The luscious fruit mouthfeel is followed by a long, velvety end note.


Barbera is the second most widely planted grape in Italy, the ancient origins stem from as far as the 17th century. When decanted, the rustic aromas of intense black pepper and dried fruits are followed by flavors of raisins, fig and aromatic blackberry. The medium toast French barrel encourages soft tannins followed by vanilla and chocolate.


Tannat: Originating in Southwest France and finding a home in Puglia, Italy, the rustic character of this unfiltered wine exhibits notes of smoky peppercorns and black tea. The palate will experience a medium body with richly intense flavors of dried fruits; fig, raisin, black cherry and prune. Medium toast French oak enhances the vanilla and caramel.


Named after the founder’s mother, this rich and sweet aperitif style Tannat is slow fermented and gently aged in barrels to achieve an age-old essence of love. The light oak lends to smoky characteristics with flavors of silky plum, cherry and fig. Available Early Summer.