Did you know that our desserts, like our pastas, are house made? 
Whether it’s our decadent Dark Chocolate Red Wine Cupcakes topped with champagne buttercream icing or our delectable Tiramisu, our desserts are made fresh daily by our in-house pastry chef. We use the freshest of ingredients, seasonal fruit, and add that extra attention to detail to ensure your sweet tooth is satisfied!

Have your cake and eat it too… and pair it with a glass of wine! 
When indulging in two of life’s greatest pleasures, wine and dessert, don’t over think it.
Red wine pairs best with chocolate, white wines go especially great with light, creamy pastries. Rosé loves to bring out the flavor of a fruit tart.  To keep the flavors balanced follow this rule of thumb...the lighter the dessert, the lighter the wine. 

Above all else, pairing desserts and wine should be fun, you simply can't go wrong! 
So choose your favorite dessert, grab a bottle of your favorite vino, and enjoy!