One of the best parts of traveling is getting to experience local food and wine from the places you've been.
Whether you're traveling abroad or keeping it stateside, being able to bring home your favorite wines allows you
to reminisce about the sights, smells, and tastes of your travels long after you've unpacked your bags and settled back into reality. 

Packing Your Wine for the Long Haul

  • Start by wrapping wine bottles in soft clothing such as a t-shirt and then add a layer of heavier clothing such as a sweater or sweatshirt. If you prefer not to use clothing, pack a few towels in your luggage and wrap them in that. Even better, wrap in bubble wrap.
  • Once the bottles are wrapped, pack them snugly in your luggage so they don't shift in transit.
  • You could also let the winery know that you're traveling and ask them for materials to safely pack your purchases. 

Wine in the Friendly Skies

  • Stay up to date on current TSA guidelines for traveling with alcoholic beverages. At this time, you can check bottles of wine without issue. If you're going to carry on mini bottles, make sure they all fit into a single quart-sized bag.  
  • If you're planning to purchase wine while you're traveling, inquire with the winery about shipping directly to your home. Depending on how many bottles you buy, some will reduce or waive the cost. If they can't do that and you don't want to pay pricey shipping fees, ask them to pack your purchases in their wine shipper boxes with foam inserts. You can safely and securely check these boxes at the airport. 

Wine Bottle Protection While You're On the Go

If you're still concerned about breakage or leakage you can stock up on wine swag to protect your precious cargo! Check out the links below.

Safe travels!