Weddings at Folino Estate: An Unmatched Experience

Weddings at Folino Estate: An Unmatched Experience

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”

- Mignon McLaughlin

Julie Rosillo Photography

Julie Rosillo Photography


Sounds easy, right? But what is the best way to achieve this? Re-living the most important day of your life– your wedding day– may be a good place to start. We’re sure that as with all other big decisions in life, your ears are full of opinions, advice, and stories (good and bad) of what to expect before, during, and after your wedding. We’re here to take the stress out of the decision making process. If you are reading this and considering Folino Estate as the venue to hold your once in lifetime dream wedding, we are here to assure you that you are in the right place.

“What Can Folino Estate offer me?”

Aside from the stunning picturesque views from our vineyard, natural sunsets, 2 large ballrooms, gorgeous outdoor ceremony site, charming Bridal Suite, authentic Italian Fare, and more?

Niki Phillips Photography

Niki Phillips Photography


An unmatched experience. At Folino Estate, you are not just “another” wedding. You are a couple, our couple, and you and your loved ones are like family here. Your special day is meant to be just that–special– and unique to you and your partner. Let’s start from the beginning, where we get to know your personality, budget, wants, wishes, fears, and expectations.

Janae Rose Photography

Janae Rose Photography

Before you say “I Do”

Your details matter to us. Whether it’s getting to know our food through our private food tastings to ensure you have the best meal possible, sipping wines to find a special varietal you and your partner love, walking through the ballroom and discussing your décor plans, practicing your ceremony steps, or even just a phone call to calm your nerves…Folino Estate Wedding Staff is skilled and dedicated to providing a seamless process to make planning simple.  

If you have questions, we can answer them. You have expectations, we’re here to meet them. It is our job to take care of the little things, so you can enjoy what it is important—each other.

Janae Rose Photography

Janae Rose Photography

Janae Rose Photography

Janae Rose Photography

Janae Rose Photography

Janae Rose Photography

Birds of a Feather Photography

Birds of a Feather Photography

Happy Wedding Day!

Your big day is here, and you’re getting pulled in a million directions! Did the flowers arrive, where’s the cake? Do I have enough time for photos? Am I ready to do this?

 The answer is YES! On your wedding day the only thing we want you to worry about is walking down the aisle. We take care of all vendor communications day of, will personally see the progress of your food and ensure your wine is stocked, and will be with you during your day for any loose end that needs tightening up. Flawless execution is the name of the game, and our Wedding and Events staff will accommodate the needs of you and your guests from beginning to end. You are here to marry the love of your life…we’re here to handle the rest.

Janae Rose Photography

Janae Rose Photography

Dearly Beloved Weddings Photography

Dearly Beloved Weddings Photography

Dearly Beloved Weddings Photography

Dearly Beloved Weddings Photography

 In the Years to Come

How many people can say they can repeatedly go back and visit the place they got married, and spend time there? That they can enjoy a meal or their favorite wine from their wedding day, on site? We guarantee if you ask around, not many.


The Folino Estate experience does not end the day your wedding ends. We are a full service Restaurant, Tasting Room, Vineyard, and Winery that is open year round. Folino Estate is a home for love, and inspires tradition. As a large, truly Italian Family, we know a thing or 2 about tradition, and the importance of keeping love alive no matter the years that go by.  

We encourage all of our couples to spend their anniversaries with us, or simply come back to the place that began their new journey as a married couple. Dine in our Restaurant and enjoy the same meal that you had while sitting at the head of our beautifully rustic elegant ballroom watching your friends and family laugh and chat. Sip the same wine you sipped on as you danced the night away as husband and wife when visiting our Tasting Room, and even purchase bottles to take home. Reminisce about the best day of your lives as you walk the grounds and visit the places you took stunning photos, or watch the sunset over the vineyard from our patio. 

Lauren Fair Photography

Lauren Fair Photography

Your destination Italian wedding does not require the expense of travel; it is right here in the heart of Kutztown, PA, and will always be here for you to celebrate your once in a lifetime day, whenever you choose to.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out testimony from some of our recent Folino Estate couples:

Niki Phillips Photography

Niki Phillips Photography

“Wedding planning can be daunting, but when it’s right, it’s right. Driving in from I-78, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but when we crested the hill leading up to the entrance we were instantly blown away. Once on the immaculately manicured grounds, the attention to detail set Folino apart from anywhere else we’d seen. The beautiful stonework on the exterior, the tables and fountain in the piazza, and the arched ceiling resembling the inside of a barrel leading to the event space were just a few of the things that stood out. After a quick dinner and sampling a few world class wines, we were ready to book.

Planning went so smoothly. The near instant feedback made us feel like the most important couple in the world, and went a long way to curb any jitters. Every detail had been figured out for us well in advance and left us with nothing to worry about.

When our wedding day arrived, the staff surpassed our already high expectations. The constant personalized support from the moment the venue opened until the last guest departed was incredible. As the couple getting married, we were pulled in every direction, but the staff made sure that we did not miss a thing. A tray of appetizers was delivered to our head table along with drinks. Entrees were kept warm while we greeted family and friends. We had guests describe our wedding as “as perfect as a wedding from a movie”, and I can’t disagree. The closest thing to a hiccup that occurred on our special day was how quickly the guests consumed the first batch of wine slushies, but that went unnoticed as a second batch was immediately whipped up.

We cannot thank every member of the Folino Estate team enough. We look forward to many anniversary dinners in the restaurant. ”

-Mike Richard, Folino Estate Groom

Richard Wedding, June, 2019


Wedding Testimonial Video from 2 recent Folino Estate couples!

We wish you the best of luck in your wedding search, and if you happen to choose Folino Estate to host your special day, just remember that your growth as a couple is important to us. Allow us to be your place to help you fall in love, over and over again. Salute!

Christopher String Photography

Christopher String Photography


Now booking 2020 and 2021… contact us for a tour, here

Mother's Day Entertaining

Mother's Day Entertaining

Let’s raise a glass to warmer weather ahead! With Mother’s Day approaching, have you made plans to celebrate the day? I’m really excited to be hosting our annual Mother’s Day Brunch at Folino Estate, however if you’re keeping it low key, a brunch at home may just be the perfect gift. I recently put together a Spring inspired brunch that any mom will be sure to love. Not only does it feature beautiful florals, an easy appetizer, and great brunch wines, I’ve also created a unique sangria bar that will add the perfect touch. I hope you enjoy and cheers to all the amazing moms out there!


I went with a muted Spring color story, using pinks and creams. I really like the juxtaposition of the acrylic with the wood barrels and wood top. Acrylic is so fun to use because you can write on it with chalk marker and the transparency of it is a neat touch. I added a sprig of jasmine vine behind the menu at each place setting.


Anyone who knows me knows how much I love flowers and for a Spring Mother’s Day Brunch, they’re essential. I decided to do something a little more wild and free reminiscent of a garden growing after all the snow from winter has melted away. I also love that jasmine is in season. It’s one of my favorite flowers after a trip to Charleston. It grows everywhere there and the whole city smells amazing.


To set my table, I used a lot of the items we are currently carrying in our Tasting Room Gift Shop. If you haven’t checked it out, it’s a curated selection of items for your home I personally select to decorate your home and table. These candle sticks are a current favorite with the budding bloom, aged metal and touches of gold.


I also used our gorgeous pink marble boards as individual place settings or they can be used to make a pretty cheese board. All the pretty little marble and brass bowls are available as well and the perfect vessels for nuts and fruit. The pink tinted glasses with brass rim are also a great Mother’s Day gift and come in stemless, red, white or champagne styles.


I really can’t get enough of these adorable peacock bowls with a matching spoon.


Now for the perfect brunch wines. Our newest release is ideal for Brunch and Spring as it’s light to go perfectly with the lighter fare typically served at brunch. It’s our very first wine made from the grapes of our young vineyard, Estate Pinot Grigio.


Traminette is another great Brunch wine. It’s citrus notes go perfectly with the fruit in many typical Brunch dishes. Also Moms will love those gilded geode wine stoppers, they’re like jewelry for your wine bottle!


For the Mom who prefers reds, our 2016 Pinot Noir is very fruit forward and light bodied enough to serve early in the day.


Sangrias are my signature cocktail so I couldn’t resist coming up with a fun spin on a Sangria station. I set up a tea bar with 2 delicious sangria recipes that are ideal for a mid morning/afternoon drink. I used Harney & Sons Jasmine tea (smells unreal) as well as a loose leaf tea line we carry in our gift shop called Pinky Up. The flavor I chose was Rosewater Basil. Check out the recipes below!


Sparkling Rosewater Basil Tea Sangria

Serves 4

1 bottle of Folino Estate Frizzante Rosato
12 oz brewed Rosewater Basil tea, cooled
Add simple syrup or sugar if prefer a sweeter sangria
Garnish with rose petals and basil
Serve over ice


Jasmine Tea Sangria

Serves 4

1 Bottle of Folino Estate Traminette
12 oz brewed Jasmine tea, cooled
Add simple syrup or sugar if prefer a sweeter sangria or you can also rim the glass with sugar
Garnish with fresh jasmine flower if available
Serve over ice

Finally, a really simple but delicious dish to serve at Brunch are tartines, or toasts. These can be made seasonally to feature the produce of the season. I used Spring vegetables, like watermelon radishes and carrots. All you need to do is get really great bread, toast it, spread it with a cheese of your choice (I used goat cheese) and top it with your chosen fruit or vegetable. I also added fresh herbs and sprinkled them with sea salt and fresh ground pepper with a drizzle of olive oil.

That beautiful tray is part of a line of rustic plateware currently available in our gift shop as well.

That beautiful tray is part of a line of rustic plateware currently available in our gift shop as well.

Check out more images from our shoot, hope you enjoyed and Happy Mother’s Day!


Wine Cocktails at Folino Estate

Wine Cocktails at Folino Estate

What could be better than a tall, refreshing glass of wine after a long day? A wine cocktail, that’s what!

Folino Estate Mixologist Joe Devlin has crafted new, refreshing cocktails with fresh ingredients, top shelf and locally provided spirits, and of course, Folino Estate wines! We invite you to learn more about our new featured cocktails below to try when visiting us, or make your own at home just in time for spring and summer entertaining!

Featured Cocktail: Lorenzo’s Garden


Named after the Owners’ eldest son, this powerful and refreshing cocktail boasts herbal notes, and simply, tastes like spring. To not overpower the earthy tones, Joe created a simple blend of gin, lemon juice, simple syrup & basil with lemon wheel and basil leaf garnishments to bring our Lorenzo’s Garden cocktail to life. Fresh, crisp, and perfect for sipping. Join us on our patio and watch the sunset over the vineyard with Lorenzo’s Garden in hand…can you picture anything better?

Featured Cocktail: Luca’s Garden

Named after the Owners’ youngest son, Luca’s Garden is the alternative to its older brother. It is more subtle in the herbal notes, and highlights a light citrus taste. A blend of vodka, aperol, zesty lemon juice, simple syrup, topped with our Frizzante Moscato & garnished with an orange wedge and basil leaf, this cocktail would be perfect at your first outdoor get together! A drink so much like summer, you can taste it!


Try our other wine cocktails like Cabernet Cosmo, Ciao Bella, Bianco Dolce Margarita, Lorenzo’s Crush, Rose Lemonade, and more at your next wine and dine experience!

Join Joe at our Wine Cocktail Class, and try your hand at mixology!

Know someone who just moved? This would make an excellent housewarming gift for friends and family looking for new drink ideas to make in their new place!

Check out the cocktails we will be featuring in the class… you don’t want to miss this! Click here to purchase tickets.


Bourbon Bramble with Pinot Noir

A twist on the classic “Bramble” cocktail originally made with gin in the prohibition era. The defining quality was a blackberry liquor floated on top to create a pleasing visual. As an alternative, our Pinot Noir with blackberry notes better compliments bourbon as opposed to gin.


Rose Negroni

The Negroni is perhaps the most popular Italian cocktail, and has been reemerging in popularity greatly in the bar business. There is an entire week in June solely dedicated to this drink to raise money for various charities. The Rose Negroni could be Folino Estate’s new contribution to these causes.


Viognier Grape Smash

Light, refreshing, smooth, and with grapes muddled in the mix, it suits perfectly for a wine cocktail. ALMOST too pretty to drink!


Punch Romaine

A historic cocktail with a story not many know about. This cocktail was actually served on the Titanic and paired with the main dinner course during its final voyage. Cocktails from this era commonly used egg white to create a frothy texture alongside a sparkling wine.

Meet Folino Estate Mixologist, Joe Devlin!


Joe has been working at Folino Estate for a little over a year. He has experience working in our Tasting Room, Banquet and Event Bars, and our Dining Room Bar. Joe’s interest in history has helped him become well versed in the stories and histories of liquor, wines, and cocktails. His meticulous attention to detail and natural knowledge of complimentary flavors helps him create one-of-a-kind, delicious cocktails that leave guests raving. Meet Joe and learn about all of the cocktails listed above at our Wine Cocktail Class!

Folino Estate Workshops

Folino Estate Workshops

Is there really any better way to learn a new skill and test your creativity than surrounded by friends and family, and a glass of wine? We think not! Throughout the year, Folino Estate holds a variety of workshops that allow guests to create beautiful DIY projects the can be used for decor, gifts, and more!

Not only are our workshops taught by knowledgable instructors such as our Folino Estate horticulturist, skilled outside vendors, and even Folino Estate Co-owner Andrea Folino, but each includes a complimentary glass of wine upon entry, a 10% off voucher to be used the day of the event, and a variety of light bites to enjoy during the workshop.

Check out some of our most successful workshops featured below including our Fall Floral Workshop, Wreath Workshops, and Christmas Centerpiece Workshop, all from 2018!


Fall Floral Workshop

November, 2018

Fall Floral Workshop was an opportunity for the participants to create a beautiful floral arrangement to adorn their tables just in time for Thanksgiving. Guests could choose from a plethora of freshly bloomed floral and greenery options beaming with fall colors. The workshop instructed guests on how to properly place the flora into the provided vases so the arrangements would have captivating visual presence from every angle. Guests were able to practice the techniques taught in the workshop while maintaining the creative freedom to make their arrangement one of a kind (all while enjoying a glass of wine)!



Wreath Workshop

November, 2018

We kicked off the Holiday season with 2 sessions of Wreath Workshops! With all materials provided, our participants were able to create truly unique wreaths to decorate their homes for the holidays. Our Private Event space was filled with ribbon, pine cones, holly, laughter, and wine! How gorgeous did these come out?



Christmas Centerpiece Workshop

December, 2018

With overwhelming turnouts for our Fall Floral and Wreath Workshops, we decided to hold our first Christmas Centerpiece Workshop for guests to create gorgeous arrangements to add aesthetic to their Christmas tables. Participants enjoyed spending time with friends and family while putting their creativity to work, all while enjoying light bites, wine, and sipping on our specialty White Chocolate Cranberry Sangria. Great job ladies!


We would love to have YOU join us at our next Workshop!

Join us on April 23rd from 11 am - 1 pm for our first Spring Wreath Workshop, instructed by Andrea Folino!

Kick off the spring season and create your own unique wreath just in time for Easter! Check out the info below:

For tickets, please click here. We hope to see you there!

Shop Our Wines Online!

Shop Our Wines Online!

That’s right! The time has come where you can now enjoy your favorite bottle of Folino Estate wine in the comfort of your home, gathered around your table, with family and friends… and you don’t even need to leave the house!


Our online shop is live and stocked full of our current wines - Red, White, Sparkling, and Black Label - all available by the bottle. An added perk, you instantly receive 10% off when you purchase a case!

The online experience doesn’t stop there! We will now be selling all tickets to our ticketed events through our online shop, which means no more unwanted taxes and fees! You can also give the gift of wine by sending a Folino Estate gift card to the wine lover in your life!

Get your corks ready… there’s never been a better time to be a Folino Estate wine lover.

Stay tuned for new wines, merchandise, and events available for purchase, coming soon to our online Tasting Room!

Visit Our New Location: Vintner's Table

Visit Our New Location: Vintner's Table

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 11.18.00 AM.png

After much anticipation, our new location, Vintner’s Table, is finally open in downtown Phoenixville, PA!

Vintner’s Table is home to a Salumeria Bar, where guests can enjoy handcrafted boards made with imported and domestic meats and cheeses, cafe-style drinks and of course a variety of Folino Estate wines from our Signature and Limited Edition Black Label Collections.

Guests can browse the unique, carefully selected merchandise from the gift shop while sipping a glass of wine. We also offer wine tastings led by knowledgeable Wine Educators, and are beginning to introduce specialty wine pairings!

On our honeymoon, Marco and I found a little hole in the wall in Lake Como that only served the best fresh sliced Italian cured meats and cheeses on a board with honey, nuts and olives and it was the best meal we had. We never forgot it and want to bring the same experience to Vintner’s Table.
— Andrea Folino

Eat & Wine A Bit


Vintner’s Table Salumeria is home to authentic Italian meats, such as prosciutto, pancetta, and salami, and cheeses such as parmigiana, mozzarella, and provolone. Our professional and authentic deli-slicing equipment will allow the cured meats and cheeses to be sliced and packaged perfectly for you to buy by the pound and enjoy at home, or for use on our available charcuterie boards. A full-service cafe bar complete the Salumeria to provide a genuine, relaxing Italian experience.

Our carefully hand-crafted charcuterie boards offer a variety of freshly sliced meats and artisanal cheeses, accessorized with the appropriate food accoutrements with compatible tastes to be enjoyed with our wines.

Are you a Folino Estate wine lover? Perfect! You can enjoy both Signature and Black Label wines by the glass or bottle while you shop around, warm up by the fire, catch up with friends, or try a handcrafted charcuterie board. Be on the look out for new wines, including an exclusive Vintner’s Table red blend, coming soon!

To view our full menu, click here


We are are looking forward to this new location providing an authentic experience rich in culture and style for locals to enjoy among the area’s other successful small business neighbors in downtown Phoenixville!

Visit Us!

135 Bridge Street, Phoenixville, PA 19460 | | 484-408-6147

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram too!

See you soon!

Planning Your Wedding– 2019 Decor Trends

Planning Your Wedding– 2019 Decor Trends

Earthy tones, rich textures, metallic hues, and vibrant pops of color make this year one to embrace!  2019 is far from somber and we encourage couples to keep the newest trends in mind when planning their big day.  While searching for the perfect venue, consider a blank slate and define it! We happily welcome any ideas couples may have, and will help you take them above and beyond!

Photo by: Dearly Beloved Weddings

Photo by: Dearly Beloved Weddings



Move over rose gold.  The “golds” have embodied unforgettable themes and will continue to persevere, however 2019 has welcomed the other metal; Copper!  Its old-world feel is nothing shy of this year's earthy elements.  The metallic hue is versatile, whether your endeavor is a romantic garden feel or designing the modern industrial look, copper will not disappoint.

Photo by: Vanessa Guevara Photography

Photo by: Vanessa Guevara Photography

Photo by: Lauren Fair Photography

Photo by: Lauren Fair Photography


Forget matching; introduce a pop of color! Vibrant colors paired with dark earthy tones, and soft pastel details create a bold statement. As Pantone announces, “Living Coral” as the 2019 Color of the Year, described as a warm peachy orange with a life- affirming gold undertone, its exclaiming "Dare to be Bold!" Last year's choice of deep lush purples will make its appearance this summer into the many blooms and decor. Not willing to dare it all, blush has stayed for the time being, and is being elegantly paired with black accents for a soft sophisticated feel.

Photo by: Lauren Fair Photography

Photo by: Lauren Fair Photography

Photo by: Jenna Herring Photography

Photo by: Jenna Herring Photography

Photo by: LVLY Photography

Photo by: LVLY Photography


“Bring the Outside In”. Greenery will continue for the minimalists out there; however more organic tones are being introduced as we see ceremony sites and isles adorn with soft delicate pampas grass, centerpieces created within natural wooden boxes and ceramics, and vine covered archways for an extra earthy vibe.  Add a pop of color with big beautiful coral dahlias, and did I mention copper accents!?   

Photo by: Jenna Herring Photography

Photo by: Jenna Herring Photography

Photo by: Ashley Errington Photography

Photo by: Ashley Errington Photography

Photo by: Sarah Brookhart Photography

Photo by: Sarah Brookhart Photography

Photo by: Dearly Beloved Weddings

Photo by: Dearly Beloved Weddings


Looking to add a luxe feel to your decor?  For 2019’s hottest trends, we are seeing couples add the soft touches of velvet and cashmere.  Textures and layering give a luxe feel and we recommend adding the high-end textures to your invites, menus, table linens, napkins, and truthfully anything you can think, the list is endless.  With fall and winter weddings on the rise, you will start to see these textured heavy fabrics incorporated into the smallest details for an extra elegant day.

Photo by: Lauren Fair Photography

Photo by: Lauren Fair Photography

Photo by: Lauren Fair Photography

Photo by: Lauren Fair Photography

Photo by: Lauren Fair Photography

Photo by: Lauren Fair Photography


Have you seen those super cute and customizable felt boards?  Or how about neon light up signs that create a warm romantic glow?  Signage trends are constantly evolving from handcrafted, calligraphy filled chalkboards to vinyl enhanced antique mirrors, to 2019 booming with crazy fun neon signs.  Do you have a hashtag? Create one, because guests will love the photo opportunity with the flashy neon sign!

Photo by: Hand and Arrow Photography

Photo by: Hand and Arrow Photography

Photo by: Sarah Brookhart Photography

Photo by: Sarah Brookhart Photography

Photo by: Olivia Rae Photography

Photo by: Olivia Rae Photography

Photo by: Dearly Beloved Weddings

Photo by: Dearly Beloved Weddings

No matter what the trends are, we can’t wait to see how our 2019 couples personalize our beautiful blank slate! Salute’!

Winter Winemaker's Dinner 2019

Winter Winemaker's Dinner 2019


Winter Winemaker’s Dinner

Led by Folino Estate Winemaker, Michael Vorauer

Photos by: Prevailed Studios, LLC

On Friday, January 25 we held our Winter Winemaker’s Dinner in our private event space. A calm, wintery vineyard with a beautiful sunset created quite a picturesque backdrop to set the tone for the evening.


With over 60 guests in attendance, the event began with a cocktail hour with passed Hors d’oeuvres: Antipasti Skewers, and Roasted Grape Chutney Crostini. Guests enjoyed these light bites and drinks of their choosing while our Winemaker, Michael Vorauer, introduced himself and mingled with every group or couple.


 When the doors opened for dinner, guests walked into a Winter Wonderland scene beaming with elegant ambience from the winter-inspired décor and place settings thoughtfully prepared and executed by Owner Andrea Folino, and the Folino Estate events staff.


Upon entry, Winemaker’s Dinner attendees received a complimentary, exclusive glass of the new Estate Label Wine- Pinot Grigio, that has not yet hit the shelves or been introduced at Folino Estate.


Once the room was seated, introductions began as Michael spoke about his history and career as a Winemaker while the dinner courses were being carefully prepared by our chefs. The dinner course menu included:


Insalata - Citrus Salad paired with Pinot Grigio

Zuppa- Roasted Cauliflower and Chickpea Soup paired with Viognier

Pasta - Tagliatelle Carbonara paired with Fumo Bianco

Entrata - Tuscan Flank Steak paired with Lorenzo Forte

Dolce - Chocolate Orange Mousse Cake paired with L’Amore di Lidia

Each course was introduced separately, with wine poured in sequence for guests to fully enjoy and understand how the characteristics and profile of the wine complimented each dish. Michael walked guests through each pairing while providing wine education, background, and good conversation throughout the dinner.


This wine-ing and dining experience is perfect for a serious foodie, wine lover, or anyone genuinely interested in the age-old craft of winemaking. This event is the excuse you’re looking for to catch up with friends and family while enjoying gourmet food, fine wine, and great company. The rustic elegant scenery coupled with the overall experience provided by Michael and our chefs makes for a simply romantic date night, or a unique experience to share with long time friends.


Have you been to our Winemaker’s Dinners? If not, we are sharing another chance for you to see what they are all about!

Our Valentine Winemaker’s Dinner will be held on February 16 from 6 pm – 9 pm.


The evening will be led by our award-winning Winemaker, Michael Vorauer, and will be accompanied by live jazz music from Dolcetto: The Glenn Hoffman Trio. This the perfect Valentine’s Day date night opportunity for a candlelit dinner featuring a five-course menu, with each course paired with a Folino Estate wine. Ladies will even receive a petite floral bouquet!

For more details, to view the full menu, and to purchase tickets, please click here.

Thank you all who attended our Winter Winemaker’s Dinner. We hope to see you again soon!



Winter Wine Pairings

Winter Wine Pairings

When it’s freezing outside, there is no better time to heat things up in the kitchen and try new recipes while pouring yourself a glass (or multiples) of wine to enjoy with each dish. If by chance you are not a master chef, we have some food/spice suggestions that pair well with our Signature and Black Label Folino Estate wines to get you started. Whether you’re looking for quick meals to make on busy weeknights, or a romantic dinner for a quiet night at home, our pairings will lead you to the perfect recipe suggestions for you to enjoy while sipping your favorite wine!

winter wine pairings.jpg

Cabernet Sauvignon & Rosemary

Winter is red wine season, and there is no better way to enjoy the fresh flavor of rosemary than with the hearty tannins of Cab Sav to counteract. We suggest treating yourself to juicy steaks of your choosing (and braving the cold to grill makes them THAT much better) and whipping up fresh rosemary butter to top it off. Enhance your hearty winter meal with rosemary potatoes as a side. A satisfying and rich meal, coming right up!

Pinot Noir & Mushrooms

Pinot Noir is an excellent table wine and is recommended for drinking with almost any winter dish. So, why mushrooms? The lush, smooth finish of Pinot Noir greatly enhances the earthy and meaty flavors of the mushrooms leaving a light flavorful mouthfeel when paired together. We suggest a creamy mushroom pasta dish, or perhaps split your wine for drinking and cooking and make a delectable red wine mushroom sauce?

Viognier & Root Vegetables

For those still dreaming of summer and can’t quite settle in to the winter red wine trend, we have the perfect white wine pairing for you. Our Viognier, a rich and creamy semi-dry white finds its place among the “winter wines” by pairing exceptionally well with caramelized, roasted, or sauteed root vegetables such as potatoes, turnips, celery, and radishes. The earthy flavors and simple textures of the vegetables paired with the richness of the Viognier are further enhanced by the cooking style of the vegetables. Try sheet-pan roasted root vegetables (perfect for meal prepping), or honey glazed root vegetables with your favorite poultry or pork dish.

Moscato & Butternut Squash

Do you have a sweet tooth? No worries, us too. Moscato, sweet and fruity that boasts aromas of sweet spice, pairs perfectly with a fresh, locally grown squash with nutty flavors. Our favorite way to enjoy butternut squash during the harsh winter months? Butternut Squash Soup. Y U M !

L’Amore di Lidia & Chocolate

Our new, rich and sweet Aperitif style wine is the ideal Black Label wine to enjoy with one of our simple dessert favorites: chocolate. Whether you’re making a delectable chocolate cake, sharing a box of decadent chocolates by the fire with your loved one, or enjoying the cold (indoors) with chocolate gelato, the bold and smoky characteristics of L’Amore di Lidia will comfortably balance your pairing.


One of our favorite ways to warm up and beat the winter blues is with a Soup and Wine Tasting!

Join us for our soup and wine tasting event January 26th and 27th all day in our Tasting Room for 3 homemade soups paired with 3 signature Folino Estate wines. Check out our thoughtfully prepared pairings waiting for you!

For reservations, please call 484-452-3633 ext 2.

Folino Estate Wine Pairings… All Year Long!

Folino Estate offers a different wine pairing every month throughout the year that changes depending on the seasons and holidays. These pairings allow you to pair your favorite snacks, meals, desserts, and more with appropriately selected Folino Estate wines. During these tastings, our Wine Educators will inform you on their pairing decisions, and help you plan your own pairings for dinner events, dates, parties, and more to REALLY impress your guests!

Can’t join us for soup and wine? Grab your hunny or gal pals and join us for our Valentine Wine and Chocolate Pairing weekend February 9 & 10. Enjoy 4 locally-made chocolates paired with 4 Folino Estate Signature wines for $15. Stay up to date for more information on this pairing coming soon on our Facebook page and website!

Welcome L'Amore di Lidia

Welcome L'Amore di Lidia

The newest addition to the exclusive Folino Estate Black Label wine collection has hit our shelves. L’Amore di Lidia joins the Black Label collection and is available for tasting in our Tasting Room, by the glass in our Restaurant, and is bottled and ready for purchase.


Named after the founder’s mother, this rich and sweet red aperitif style Tannat is slow fermented and gently aged in barrels to achieve and age-old essence of love. The light oak lends to smoky characteristics with flavors of silky plum, cherry, and fig. Pairs well with rich and decadent desserts, and can be used to sip before a meal to stimulate your appetite.


The Black Label Collection including Sangiovese, Barbera, Tannat, Valentino, and now L’Amore di Lidia, features handcrafted wines representing the age-old Italian style traditions and skills of passionate winemaking. Released in early spring of 2018, the Black Label collection quickly became popular among Folino Estate guests, with favorites like Tannat and Sangiovese flying off the shelves, and Valentino already selling out!


Artfully oaked in French barrels, each wine is an exclusive, limited release and will age perfectly for the oenophile’s collection. The higher tannins present allow each variety to pair well with rich dark meats & game, earthy foods and herbaceous cheeses. Decanting is recommended to bring out the characters hidden in every bottle. The addition of L’Amore di Lidia will add another unique flavor profile to the collection, and another opportunity for experienced wine lovers to expand their required tastes, and enjoy the richer side of life.


Click here to view the full Black Label Collection

Join us on January 18th from 6 PM - 8 PM in our Tasting Room to celebrate the release of L’Amore di Lidia! Enjoy a complimentary tasting of L’Amore di Lidia with Chocolate Ganche, Tiramisu Bites, and Berry Tort light bites for pairing. We hope to see you there!

Sangria: A Folino Estate Signature

Sangria: A Folino Estate Signature


everything that is good in the world, all in one glass!

In addition to our wines, Folino Estate Sangrias have become a signature of who we are, and have quickly become a guest favorite. Since the opening of Folino Estate, Co-Owner Andrea Folino made it a priority to offer unique sangrias on the drink menu, and has since worked on perfecting recipes to showcase a seasonally appropriate sangria for every month of the year!

Each month, a new sangria is available for a limited time to showcase a variation of flavors and how they pair with our wines. Our sangria is always made with a signature Folino Estate wine, syrups and other ingredients for mixing, and topped with fresh fruit/coated rims. From Blood Orange to White Chocolate Cranberry to Peach Tea, there are flavors available for every palate to enjoy! Check out some of our featured sangrias here:

blood orange.jpg

This year we will be featuring a NEW flavor in the spring to enjoy while dining with us, or in our Tasting Room.

For January, we are featuring our Sicilian Blood Orange Sangria, made with our exclusive white wine blend, blood orange syrup, and garnished with an orange slice. Beat the cold, and join us to try this little piece of paradise, today!

Follow our Instagram and Facebook for updates on our monthly sangria. The year is young, can you make it in to try all 12?

We are honored to be nominated for Lehigh Valley Style’s Best of the Lehigh Valley 2019 for Best Sangria! Please vote for us here, and as always thank you for your continued support!

We hope to see you for a glass of sangria, soon!

Holiday Entertaining with Andrea Folino

Holiday Entertaining with Andrea Folino

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And let’s be honest, it’s also the craziest. To do lists a mile long can seem to overtake the joy of the season. Which is why there’s wine…Check out my latest entertaining guide, I hope it provides inspiration for a stress free gathering!

This design is perfect for hosting an intimate Christmas dinner by the fire. I chose a moodier color scheme of evergreens, burgundies, and grays.


Using christmas greens as a runner down the table is such an easy, low fuss centerpiece that has major impact. You can even trim some from your backyard. I added sprigs of fresh eucalyptus, ruscus and red huck as accents. I brought the burgundy colors in with gorgeous orchid buds and added privet berry branches. White or red roses are also an easy alternative to find that will do well out of water. Just be sure to add them closer to your guests arrival.

I also made a matching garland for the fireplace mantel. I started with a simple garland I added to the mantel first, then built onto it from there with floral wire to create a more lush look.

By the way, I’m hosting a Christmas Centerpiece Workshop on Sunday, December 16th if you’re interested in joining me!


One of my favorite parts of the design are the little chair swags. They take seconds to make and are such a pretty accent to each guests’ place setting.


Mixed in with the greenery on the table are some great accents that can be found in our gift shop as well! I love the blue-gray ornaments as well as the taupe bottle brush trees in various sizes. One of my favorite pieces right now are the antiqued mirror candlestick holders. The mirrors bounce off the light from the glowing candles in such a beautiful way.


Each place setting features one of our antler napkin rings that are not only perfect for Christmas, but can be used for Thanksgiving or any other winter dinner you may be hosting. We also have the little wood stumps for place card holders that can even be used as food or drink markers.


No entertaining guide of mine would be complete without an epic cheese board. It’s always my go to for when I have a party since it’s simple, everyone loves it, and they can be so beautiful and versatile. We have a large selection of boards in our gift shop, this particular one being one of my favorites. It comes in a round or rectangular shape and are very large for adding all the deliciousness that’s necessary for an amazing board.


I added winter citruses and pomegranates, as well as some cranberries for color. My favorite addition is the little christmas tree shaped cheeses. They’re so easy to make, just choose a semi-soft cheese and use a small cookie cutter. There’s cranberry cheese, rosemary sprigs and candied nuts as well as cinnamon whipped honey and pear balsamic jam. For some sweets, there’s chocolate covered dried cranberries and yogurt covered cranberries.

These boards are perfect to prep ahead of time and set out for your guests to enjoy while you’re putting the finishing touches on dinner. Don’t be surprised if it’s gone quickly though.

While your guests enjoy the cheese board, they’ll obviously appreciate a nice glass of wine.


Our Black Label wines were made for dinners like Christmas. They’re ideal to pair with the meats commonly served during the holidays and will have your guests impressed you’re serving them wine made in Pennsylvania.


Our classics like Merlot, Pinot Noir, and Lorenzo Forte are also great choices for serving with a roast or ham.


My top pick for whites to go with a Christmas dinner is our Luca Forte. It’s so versatile in what it pairs well with and can stand up to bold meats like a red. It definitely matches the personality for whom it was named after, my 15 month old son ;)


I hope you enjoyed and I wish you all the happiest of holidays! Check out more images from our shoot done with the talented Prevailed Studios below.


Decorating your Thanksgiving Table

Decorating your Thanksgiving Table

Looking for some easy ways to style your Thanksgiving table this year? Not only do we have the perfect wines to pair with your meal, we also have great accessories to adorn your table! If you’re not hosting, it’s always a great idea to bring your host a little gift to show your appreciation, whether it be a great bottle of wine or a home accessory. Check out some quick ways Andrea Folino styled a table and then head on over to our Tasting Room to recreate before next week! See you soon!


We love these little white pumpkin pots, not only for their versatility, but also the modern touch they add. You can serve dips in these, but also use one at each place setting for soups.


We also have these cute little spreaders with all different fun Thanksgiving sayings on them, again perfect for individual settings or for serving cheeses and dips. We love to tie them on a bottle of wine as an extra touch for a hostess gift.

DSC_0930 (2).jpg

How adorable are those little turkey place card holders? They can also be used as a buffet marker if you plan on serving your dinner buffet style. These very unique hand-blown wine glasses also add a rustic touch to your table.

It’s always fun to collect salt and pepper shakers to use during each holiday. The above silver gourds come with the little wood tray to hold them on. Your guests will love them!


In need of a bottle opener for the beer drinkers? Play up the theme of Thanksgiving with a gold wishbone opener. And for the non-beer drinkers, you can’t go wrong with our top red, Lorenzo Forte!


A favorite of our Tasting Room shoppers this season, the galvanized pumpkin taper holders not only look great on the table, they fold flat for storage purposes.


Decor that can be multipurpose is a favorite of ours, which is why our centerpiece (that’s extremely easy and quick) was originally meant for serving breads and crackers. It comes in a set of small and large so you can still you use the small one for the crackers!


The little galvanized house is so sweet for decorating an accent table year round. We placed a little pumpkin in ours with the most amazing smelling Spiked Cider candle by Rewined. For Christmas, swap out the pumpkin and use evergreens for a festive touch. The set of 3 galvanized pumpkin trays with gold bead trim are ideal for serving a variety of foods at your table.


Don’t forget the little turkey vase to match the placecard holders!


We have rustic ice buckets, these neat vintage bottles that can be used for candlesticks or for flowers and we love the wood risers for decor or serving pies.

DSC_0952 copy.jpg

One of our favorite picks this Fall are these ceramic pumpkin vases and they’re suitable for fresh or dried arrangements!

We have much more in our Tasting Room, so stop in this weekend for our Pie & Wine Pairing Event and check out all we have to offer! Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving Recipes with Andrea Folino

Thanksgiving Recipes with Andrea Folino

Looking to change up your dish options this Thanksgiving? Try some of my favorite original recipes and impress your guests with flavorful tastes and elegant food aesthetic. Pour a glass of your favorite wine, and read on to see the delicious recipe details.

Autumn Fig Sangria

4 servings


1 bottle Folino Estate Pinot Noir or other medium red

1 1/2 cups cranberry pomegranate juice

3/4 cup triple sec

2 Tbsp. sugar (or more if prefer sweeter)

5-6 fresh figs

Sprigs of thyme

Combine the wine, juice, triple sec and sugar into a pitcher and stir well. Quarter the figs and muddle some to add to the pitcher, leaving some to garnish. Add the thyme, also leaving a few sprigs for garnish. Allow to infuse for three hours in the refrigerator. Serve over ice, optional.


Sweet Potato Gnocchi

with Rosemary Brown Butter Sauce

12 servings | Cook time: 10 minutes

For the Gnocchi:

3 medium-sized sweet potatoes

12 oz. fresh ricotta, strained well

2 cups parmesan cheese, grated

4 tsp. salt

3 cups (or more) all-purpose flour

Wash the sweet potatoes and stab all over with a fork. Microwave on high for about 5 minutes per side, until tender. Allow to cool enough to handle, and then cut them in half. Scoop the flesh into a bowl and proceed to mash well. Passing through a ricer works very well, also.

Transfer 3 cups of the mashed sweet potatoes to a large bowl. Add the strained ricotta, stirring thoroughly to combine. Add the parmesan cheese and salt. Begin to add the flour, a quarter cup at a time, until a soft dough begins to form. Adding too much flour will make your gnocchi dense, so take to only add as much as is needed to make a cohesive, workable dough that’s slightly tacky. Lightly flour your hands and shape the dough into a large ball.

Lightly flour your workspace and divide the dough into six equal portions. Roll one portion out until it reaches about 20 inches in length. Cut into approximately 20 pieces to form the gnocchi. If you have a gnocchi board, roll each piece off the board and onto a floured baking sheet. Alternatively, you can use the back of a fork or skip the ridges completely (adding the ridges allows the sauce to coat the gnocchi better but it is not necessary). Repeat with the rolling and cutting process with the remaining portions.

Before cooking the gnocchi, it is best to make your sauce, as the gnocchi cooks very quickly. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Add a portion of the gnocchi to the boiling water and allow to cook until the float to the top, roughly 30 seconds. Remove with a slotted spoon and keep warm while continuing to cook the remaining gnocchi. Toss in the brown butter sauce, garnish with parmesan cheese, and serve.

For the Rosemary Balsamic Brown Butter Sauce:

1 stick unsalted butter

Needles from a large rosemary sprig

6 Tbsp. balsamic vinegar

1 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. black pepper

Parmesan cheese to serve

Melt the butter in a saucepan over medium heat, stirring occasionally. Cook until the foam diminishes and begins to turn a golden-brown color, roughly three minutes. Turn off the heat and add the rosemary needles, cooking for one minute. Remove from heat and add the balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper.

Red Wine Cranberry Sauce

10-12 Servings | Cook time: 20 minutes


1 12-oz. package of cranberries

1 1/4 cup sugar

1 cup Folino Estate Chambourcin or other semi-dry red wine

1 orange

1 cinnamon stick

Combine the cranberries and sugar in a pot. Pour in the red wine and heat over medium. Zest the orange and add to the pot; then halve the orange and squeeze the juice into the pot. Add the cinnamon stick and and allow the mixture to simmer, stirring occasionally, until the cranberries begin to burst, approximately 10-15 minutes. Remove from heat and allow to cool to room temperature before serving. Remove the cinnamon stick before serving.

It can be stored in the refrigerator for up to five days.


Roasted Brussel Sprouts

with Pancetta

12 servings | Cook time: 35 minutes

3 lb. brussel sprouts

1/2 red onion, sliced

Olive oil

Salt & pepper

1 lb. pancetta, diced

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Prep the brussel sprouts by removing the stems. Remove any outer leaves that appear blemished or discolored; halve or quarter, depending on their size. Slice the red onion and add to a bowl with the prepared brussel sprouts. Drizzle with olive oil and toss to coat. Season with salt and pepper, taking care to not add too much salt, as the saltiness from the pancetta will also be present in the final dish. Add the seasoned brussel sprouts and red onion to a baking pan and roast for approximately 35 minutes.

While the brussel sprouts are roasting, sauté the diced pancetta until golden brown. Set aside. Once the brussel sprouts are done, combine the cooked pancetta and transfer to a serving platter.

Full recipes, and additional photos can be found in the November 2018 issue of Lehigh Valley Style. All photos were taken by Prevailed Studios, LLC.

Fall Entertaining with Andrea Folino

Fall Entertaining with Andrea Folino

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. The mornings and nights have that crisp chill in the air, the leaves start to put on a gorgeous show and mulled wine makes its long awaited appearance! The change of seasons are a perfect time to get a group together. As most of you know, my go to entertaining dish is an amazing antipasti spread and the inspiration behind our Salumeria Bar at our new location Vintner’s Table, coming soon! Right now, grazing boards are a huge trend and are easy to put together, yet make a show stopping display. Read on to find out how to make one and what wines I recommend serving this season!


A feast not only for the stomach but also for the eyes, grazing boards are gaining popularity. What’s so great about them is you can also tailor it to whatever theme you’re looking to achieve, i.e. summer seafood inspired, Valentine’s Day, brunch etc.

STEP ONE: Choose your boards

First choose your serving boards. A mixture of different kinds or one large one like we’ve used above (we have many options available in our gift shop!) are all good options. It can be wood, marble, granite, metal, slate, ceramic anything that is food safe and will show off the colors in the foods you’re using. A fun addition to my table, I used small wood paddle boards as plates for my setting so guests can assemble their own mini boards from the main grazing board. I also filled small wood bowls with crackers and nuts as a starter at each setting. Little bowls, spreaders, and tongs are needed to assemble your board as well. Serving vessels will also add height and visual appeal.


STEP TWO: Meats & Cheeses

If you’re going for a vegetarian or vegan theme, skip this step. You can either cut everything up or leave it whole, but I like to do a mixture of both. Always take your cheeses out of the refrigerator at least 1 hour and up to 2 hours before your guests arrive. Meat should be 15-20 minutes before. When choosing cheeses, it’s best to serve a mixture of hard, semi soft and soft. I included a cranberry fig goat cheese and pumpkin cheese as Fall was obviously the inspiration behind my board.


STEP THREE: Accompaniments

Guests need something to spread the soft cheeses and jellies on, so you’ll want to provide some soft breads, crostinis, crackers, etc. Pickled and marinated foods act as palate cleansers between bites and can heighten the flavor of some foods. Olives, marinated mushrooms, caper berries, and pickled vegetables like the ones we sell in our Tasting Room from Tillen Farms are all great options. You can also add in-season raw vegetables and fruits and dried fruits. Spreads and condiments are the next thing you’ll want to add. We have an amazing selection in our Tasting Room from Stonewall Kitchen and a new company for us, Girl Eats Dirt. I loved the Italian Plum cutting preserves for my Fall board. We also have honey by Savannah Bee that’s made specifically for cheese. Salty and sweet nuts like the candied pecans and sunflower seeds I’ve included are also a necessity for a good grazing board.

STEP FOUR: Garnish

Next, you’ll want to make your board pretty. Fresh flowers, whole fruits and vegetables and fresh herbs are all perfect finish touches to finalize your grazing board. I love flowers and included lots of fall blooms, like dried sunflowers, coneflowers and sedum. I also added mini pumkins and gourds.

My floral arrangement consists of fresh and dried flowers.

My floral arrangement consists of fresh and dried flowers.


Your guests will always appreciate something sweet and one of my favorite easy desserts to make is a fruit crostata, a dessert my mom taught me. You can get extra points for making your own crust, but I am a cheater and always just use pre-made pie dough. Don’t judge. I made a delicious Red Plum & Concord Grape Crostata that’s so good, no one will ever notice the crust isn’t homemade!


What’s a grazing board without a great glass of wine? I’m so excited to have our Black Label Collection available for this Fall as the wines in this collection go so well with the bold flavors of Autumn.


Our Pinot Noir is another one of my fall favorites. It’s a great transitional wine from summer whites and rosés (although I will drink rosé year round) and the essences of cranberry are ideal for the season.


While the wines I mentioned above are all great options, our Mulled Wine has to be my top pick for Fall. The orange and cinnamon flavors mixed with cloves and other spices smells like Fall. While you can make it with a variety of red wines (or even white, stay tuned for our Christmas Entertaining post!) we like to use our Chambourcin. We also sell jars of the mulling spices we use to make our signature Mulled Wine so you can make it at home easily.


I hope you enjoyed my Fall Entertaining post and I look forward to seeing you at Folino Estate this season! We’re excited to be hosting our first Thanksgiving Feast this year! Check out more images from our shoot below.

Vineyard Update



Now that veraison is well underway, we are patiently waiting for Harvest.   We are estimating to begin Harvesting our grapes in two weeks. In those two weeks we are looking for the brix number (sugar content) and the pH in the grapes to increase.  It's important to ensure that our grapes are at peak quality before picking them!   

We anticipate to harvest the grapes in this order... 

Pinot Gris 

Pinot Noir 



Cab Franc 


Petit Verdot (This will be harvest around the first frost! 


Prevention against Birds  

As the grapes get sweeter, there is an increase in migrant birds that feed on them.  Most recently, the starling population has increased, and we have had to take preventative measures so they don’t eat all the fruits of our labor.   Typically, the first line of defense of migratory birds is placing netting around the grape vines. This typically will keep the birds out but if they still manage to sneak in for a snack, we will utilize a bird caller or canon.  The bird called will mimic the sounds of a hawk and work to scare away the predatory birds.  In much the same way, the canon will make a loud noise with the intention of scaring the birds away.   


The Dreaded Spotted Lantern Fly  

Like all farms, vineyards, and even backyard gardeners, we have been forced to manage an unruly population of spotted lantern flies.  The spotted lantern fly can be deadly for a vineyard.  It bores a whole into the vine and drinks the sap.  Without proper management this can devastate a vineyard.  

Through multiple techniques, we have been very successful at keeping their numbers to a minimum.  Starting in early spring, our vineyard team was able to keep their population confined to a few Lantus trees and treat them directly on those trees before they attacked the vines.  We have also been using a systemic spray that has been approved by Penn State for treatment of vines. Those two methods, combined with the classic technique of squashing them on the ground, have proved to be working! In the winter, during hand pruning, the vineyard team will also manually remove any eggs that may have been laid. 

Summer Entertaining with Andrea Folino

Summer Entertaining with Andrea Folino

Finally! What has felt like the longest Winter ever is officially behind us and sunshine and warm days have arrived. It's the perfect season to entertain on the patio and I've put together some inspiration for your next occasion and of course some of my top Folino Estate wine recommendations for Summer! 


I like to start with a loose theme when I'm entertaining and for Summer, a beachy, nautical vibe is always a fun choice, even if the closest ocean is miles away. Transporting your guests adds an extra element to your party.

For place cards, I washed mussel shells from a dinner I made the previous night. It's a whimsical touch your guests will love. I also tied the napkins with twine and used woven chargers. Blues are a great summer color to use, especially to bring in the vibe of the ocean. 


Craft stores sell fish netting and was the perfect detail to use in place of a traditional runner. Grape wood branches, an oyster shell wreath and a beautiful floral arrangement I made with blooms from local flower farmer, The Rustic Bunch all came together as the finishing touches. 


When it comes to food, Summer entertaining should be easy and simple. Warmer weather is usually met with lighter fare, which is why I put together a delicious melon and proscuitto inspired antipasti board. I used a wooden boat tray from our gift shop and added a variety of soft cheeses like mozzarella, burrata, goat cheese and brie. I love the flavor combination of salty and sweet. Proscuitto wrapped melon is a favorite of mine and this time of year, the fruit can't get any sweeter. 


Seafood is a must in Summer and I borrowed a dish on our Folino Estate menu that I personally love. Garlic Steamed Clams are easy to make and so full of flavor. Made in a white wine butter sauce with crispy pancetta, make sure to serve with crusty bread to soak up all the delicious sauce. The recipe is shared at the bottom of our post. 


And now for my favorite part, the wine! While certain red wines are completely acceptable to serve chilled in the summer, I chose our whites to go with the menu I selected. 


Luca Forte is an exceptional wine that works with so many dishes, thanks to its blend of a variety of different whites. It's best when slightly chilled and brought out to almost room temp. 


The Chardonnay Barrel Reserve is ideal for those who love a good oak aged wine. It stands up well to meatier fish, like Swordfish. It's also great with lobster and creamy pasta dishes.


Pinot Grigio is a classic summer white and is so easy to pair with a variety of dishes. In a few weeks, we'll be releasing our estate Pinot Grigio and I know I may be biased, but our winemaker has outdone himself with it! I can't wait for it to hit shelves. 


If you're looking for the best white to serve with fruit or dessert, Riesling would be my pick. It's a sweeter white, but not too sweet that it competes with the sugars in dessert. 


I hope you enjoyed my summer entertaining ideas with Folino Estate wines! We love to see you drinking your FE at home so don't forget to tag us in your posts! Happy Summer! 




Serves 4

2 lbs little neck clams

4 T of Olive Oil

4 oz pancetta, diced

4 T fresh garlic, minced

4 T lemon juice

12 oz Folino Estate Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay or Fumo Bianco

8 T butter


Salt and pepper to taste

In a saucepan over medium heat, add olive oil, garlic, and pancetta. Lightly brown garlic and pancetta, being careful not to burn the garlic. Add lemon juice and white wine. Add clams and cover until they open. Remove cover and any unopened clams and cook sauce until it reduces by half. Gradually add the butter to make a sauce. Place clams in a bowl and pour sauce over top. Add fresh parsley, salt, and pepper. Serve with crusty dipping bread.

Meet our Winemaker: Michael Vorauer

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 8.08.35 AM.png

Michael Vorauer spent over 30 years mastering the skills of handcrafted wine-making and brings years of knowledge, experience, and passion to Folino Estate as our Winemaker.  He developed his multifaceted expertise through formal education, studying viticulture and wine-making on the Rhine River Valley, and working as a winemaker in different regions across the US. As our winemaker, Michael quickly launched Folino Estate into a respected and award-winning winery in the East Coast.  


A little Q&A with Michael!

What are your passions and inspirations for wine making?

"My passion comes from my family heritage and experiences as a child visiting the old family winery. We would go into the half buried wine cellar with a sliding wooden door at the entrance with a window with iron bars on it. I would walk down some steps into the old laboratory which was located between the two rooms on either side. In each room there were two rows of double stacked barrels . I guess one could say my inspiration started then too. It was a walk into the past seeing the old brass instruments and glass lab ware sitting behind glass pane wooden doors in the cabinets above the counters. There were old bottles of wine as well with the old family label, albeit they were very old and oxidized. We used to ride on the old Farmall McCormick Deering tractor with twin front center wheels through the vineyard of 85 year old vines planted on 10’ x 10’ centers and pick grapes into wooden baskets and crates for making jellies."

What is your favorite part
of the wine making process?

"Every part of the wine making process is a joy. In the early in the spring the grapes begin to show signs of life as they pop out of their cocoon like structures. When they are about approximately 4-6 inches in length, one can see the tiny clusters. Throughout the summer, they develop into mature clusters and begin the ripening process near mid to late fall. The grapes are harvested by their ripeness and not before to assure the essence is captured in the berries, for they determine the quality of their destination later , as wine."

What is your favorite wine?

"That is a tough question to answer. For each wine has its own unique character and profile. But I would have to say it would be our 2015 Valentino made from predominately Teroldego with a small amount of Barbera and a hint Cabernet Sauvignon. Oh and definitely watching the sunset!"


Since its opening in 2015, Folino Estate Wines have been awarded numerous medal in different wine competitions.  These awards and honors would not have been possible without the passion, determination, and expert craftsmanship of Michael.  

2018 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition

  • Frizzante Moscato - Double Gold
  • Frizzante Rosato - Silver
  • 2014 Tannat - Silver
  • 2015 Lorenzo Forte - Silver
  • 2016 Luca Forte - Silver
  • 2015 Pinot Chardonnay - Bronze
  • 2016 Pinot Grigio - Bronze
  • 2015 Valentino - Bronze
  • 2015 Sangiovese - Bronze
  • 2016 Traminette - Bronze
  •  2015 Viognier - Bronze

2018 International Eastern Wine Competition (East Meets West)

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 8.06.33 AM.png
  • 2015 Folino Estate Lorenzo Forte - Gold
  • 2017 Folino Estate Frizzante Moscato - Silver
  • 2015 Folino Estate Merlot - Silver
  • 2016 Folino Estate Pinot Noir - Silver
  • Folino Estate Luca Forte - Bronze
  • 2015 Folino Estate Barrel Aged Chardonnay  - Bronze

2017 PA Wine Association Competition

  • 2016 Chambourcin - Bronze

Summer Inspired Memorial Day Menu

Memorial Day is not only the unofficial start to summer, but more importantly, it is a day to remember and reflect on the lives lost during military duty.  We say thank you to all the service members and their families for the ultimate sacrifices for our freedom. We think the best ways to honor these individuals is to spend quality time with the people that are closest to us, friends and family, and honor the relationship we have.  One of our favorite ways to do this is to prepare a meal and share it with our loved one.  We have gathered some of our favorite recipes to create a summer inspired menu that is perfect for this long weekend.    

Arugula Salad with Chardonnay Vinaigrette



Chardonnay Vinaigrette Recipe

  • 1/4 c Folino Estate Chardonnay Barrel Reserve
  • 1/4 c olive oil
  • 2 Tbsp lemon juice
  • fresh cracked pepper

*Mixed all ingredients until well combined and served over arugula.  Top with freshly shaved Parmesan and enjoy! 


Garlic Butter Sauteed Clams

The beautiful and bright Garlic Butter Sauteed Clam recipe from Rasa Malaysia is a refreshing and classic Italian way to add incorporate wine in your cooking.  This recipe calls for 1/4 cup white wine.  We recommend using 2 cups of our Chardonnay Barrel Reserve,  1/4 cup for the recipe and the rest for you to enjoy! 

For the full recipe... visit


Marinated Flank Steak

This flavorful cut is perfect for a red wine marinade and the grill!  This perfect marinade recipe from Saveur calls for 1/2 cup of red wine.  We recommend using a dry red like Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon.  Not only will these wine enhance the flavors in the marinade, but they are also the perfect pairing to sip on while you enjoy dinner!  

For the full recipe...


Host Your Own: Wine & Cheese Pairing

4 Simple Steps for Hosting Your Own Wine & Cheese Pairing

  1. Choose a variety of cheeses that vary in texture and flavor. Soft cheeses like brie, hard cheeses like aged cheddar, and all cheeses in between offer a different tasting experience.  It is also the perfect way to ensure that each of your guests will have something they enjoy.  To spice it up a little,  grab a cheese out of your comfort zone like a stinky blue cheese, spicy pepper jack, or an earthy camembert. 
  2. Pick wines that pair well with your cheese selection.  The flavors in cheese will enhance the flavors in wine and make the tasting that much more enjoyable.  For information about how to pair cheese and wine speak with a wine educator who is well versed in flavor profiles.  Here are our favorite 5 pairings for a quick reference...
Wine & cheese - just cheese.jpg


Merlot- Aged Cheddar
Cabernet Sauvignon- Gouda
Rose- Goat Cheese
Chardonnay- Gruyere
Pinot Grigio- Mozzarella 

3. While wine and cheese are enough to get the party started, you will need other light bites to intensify the tasting experience.  We suggest grabbing two types of bread, crostini, fresh fruit, nuts, olives, and cured meats.  Different varieties of each will ensure all of your guests have something to enjoy.   

4. The final step... Bringing it all together.  Label your cheese and wine, design your meat and cheese boards, pop the corks, and welcome your guest to a night that is sure to be full of fun, laughter, great company, and of course, delicious food and wine. 


Things to keep in mind when planning... you will need about 1/2 oz of cheese per person per cheese.  The average bottle of wine will pour between 4-5 glasses.  Make sure you have enough!  Everyone will want a full sample of each wine, and extras for their favorite.