The Folinos

Marco Folino

 Marco has had a passion for entrepreneurship for as long as he can remember. Growing up in a family of business owners, it was inevitable he would do the same. His working career began as a child folding pizza boxes in his parents' restaurant. Marco then opened small businesses and worked for his family construction company and restaurants until 2007, when he opened his own construction company, Folino Homes. In 2008, along with his brother Stefano, he opened a concrete business. Very quick to learn, when he started thinking about opening Folino Estate, Marco took classes and sought advice from area vineyard owners as his love for viticulture and wine grew. He hopes to one day hand Folino Estate on to future generations of Folinos, including his son Lorenzo.


Andrea Folino

Andrea, Marco's wife, graduated from Kutztown University with a degree in business administration/marketing. She's always had a passion for business and knew she would one day run her own. Upon graduation, Andrea started doing the sales and marketing for Marco's home building company and also obtained her real estate license. She always had a love for fashion and design and wanted to figure out a way to incorporate these elements into her work. Andrea then enrolled in a Home Interiors program at the Pennsylvania School of Art & Design and opened her interior decorating business, Tendenza Fashion & Interiors, which she used to design the interior of Folino Estate. When Andrea met Marco, it was at his family's restaurant as a hostess. She never imagined she would meet her husband, future business partner, and father to their son, Lorenzo there and one day own their own restaurant and winery together.

The Winemaker

Michael Vorauer

Michael Vorauer spent over 30 years mastering the skills of handcrafted wine-making and brings years of knowledge, experience, and passion to Folino Estate as our Winemaker.  He developed his multifaceted expertise through formal education, studying viticulture and wine-making on the Rhine River Valley, and working as a winemaker in different regions across the US. As our winemaker, Michael quickly launched Folino Estate into a respected and award-winning winery in the East Coast.  


The Chef

Gianluca Longo

The love and passion of food are in the heart and soul of Executive Chef Gianluca Longo.  He has spent his life in the kitchen mastering the skills and art of Italian cooking.  Gianluca believes the philosophy that the perfect combination of fresh simple ingredients and some creativity create the perfect plate. 

Growing up in Italy, Gianluca was able to learn the traditions of Italian cooking and travel around the country to learn the intricacy of Italian cooking that are evident in each different region. In coastal towns he learned the delicate way to handle fish, in the country he learned how to bring out the natural flavors of vegetables, and at home, it Catanzaro, he dedicated his time to the art of desserts and pastries.  

Gianluca's work at Folino Estate is a culmination of years of travel, education, and time spent honing his skills in the kitchen.  He brings classic techniques, fresh ideas, and heart and soul to deliver delicious plates of Italian cuisine perfected to pair with Folino Estate Wines.